Stool Changes in Newborn Kids

The first stool a newborn kid passes will likely be a tarry, sticky, dark looking stool.  This is completely normal.  Within a couple of days, it usually turns to a mustard yellow and begins to transition to lightly formed, but still a solid clump.  Over time, especially as the kid begins consuming other foods than milk, the stool will turn to dark pellets, identical to but smaller than adults.

Normal stool after initial meconium has passed and before kid begins eating solid foods.

Moms will keep the area clean by consuming kid stool often in the first few days, so it is normal to not have much to see.  This is a natural process that requires no intervention.

Occasionally, stool that wasn’t properly cleaned can become stuck on the rear of a goat kid.  Paper towels saturated in warm water can be applied to help soak off the residue.  This is usually not necessary but can become so if it blocks further passage of stool.  If the issue persists, applying olive or coconut oil can help prevent further buildup.

The most common cause of diarrhea in newborns to 10 days old is e-coli.

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