The Holistic Goat was created as a way to preserve, collect and curate all the goat health and care information on the web that fits into a natural and holistic framework.  This is no small task, but I love the “work” and an delighted to have a repository to gather everything–and everyone!–together to create a community of informed goat lovers.

About Me

I’m Megan Kutchman of Little Avalon Farm, where I have raised Nigerian Dwarf goats, livestock guardian dogs, a variety of poultry and four mostly homeschooled kids since 2008.  My emphasis has been on natural remedies and herbal medicine, though my journey began wholly conventionally.  In 2018, I finally completely ditched every conventional remedy and moved to a 100% herbally managed herd.  My herd looks great, stays healthy and requires almost no regular maintenance on my part.  This website is dedicated to teaching the methods I have learned in a way that empowers readers to study deeply and, most importantly, trust their own intuition as they walk in harmony with the animals in their care.

In 2017, I began a group on Facebook born out of a need for a safe place to discuss all types of management.  I passionately believe that when we can discuss different methods and ideas without fear of criticism or attack, everyone can grow and expand their knowledge.  I bring that belief and practice to The Holistic Goat, so my team and I work hard to create an environment that facilitates open minded discussion in a safe, nurturing space.  I think you’ll find that the atmosphere here is quite unlike many online communities available today.