Doe Bleeding and Discharge After Kidding

After kidding, the uterus must clean out all of the products required for successfully growing fetuses.  This process can take as long as six weeks.  Discharge will be bloody, sometimes clotty, heavier at times and lighter at others.  All of these are normal.  Sometimes it may stop for a day or a few and then start again.  This, too, is normal.

There is very little chance of uterine infection or other issue in a normal delivery.  If you have had to assist in the birth, the chance is slightly heightened.  I do not give preventive antibiotics, but do a “sniff test” of the rear area daily.  A rank odor indicates possible infection.  Other symptoms that can indicate an issue include: off feed, lethargic, uninterested in kids, shivering, hunching, fever.  Though extremely rare in my experience, here’s what to do if you do experience uterine infection.

For most does, expect variations of discharge for 6 weeks and trust that her body knows what to do to fully recover from pregnancy and delivery.

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