Welcome!  We are SO glad you have joined us here. While Facebook is a popular platform, we’re striving to establish a safe space where you can freely share ideas and build a genuine “Farm Fam” community that supports one another.

Here on this platform, we have some great features we want to be sure you know about so you can enjoy your experience here and make the most of what we have to offer.  There is SO MUCH HERE!!!  Let’s quickly review some key points to get you started.

If you have a few minutes, get the “Guided Video Tour” with Desiree as she goes over all the features and how to navigate The Holistic Goat platform! 

If you just need a visual rundown, scroll past the video to find a list of all the features and the icons to look for to access them!


Quick Guide : Understanding the Icons In Your Top Menu

Home - the content here may vary!

This is similar to your Facebook feed and where you will see recent activity from groups that you are in.

Here is where you can find others to “follow” and “connect,” similar to friend requests on Facebook. Feel free to add me and your other mentors, and anyone else!

Tons of amazing info for many common issues are discussed in Megan’s blog articles. There is an alphabetical index for the blog articles under the blog icon, or you can just search for topics in the search bar!

There are several groups you can access with a free account, and some subscriber-exclusive group access. We have groups by topic, but don’t worry too much if you aren’t sure where you question or content should go, jump right in and visit with us!

This is simply a form to reach out to the customer service team should you have any tech or other issues.

The newsletter content here may vary based on what Megan is rolling out next!

The search feature is really powerful and will show you results on any given topic. We have files, forums, blog posts and tons of research, so enter a keyword and you might be amazed at how much you can find!

We have messaging features here too! You can send direct messages to members, including any of your mentors!

You will get notifications when others request to follow you, or mention you in a post, or reply to your post. Once you click a notification, it will roll over to the “read” notifications so you can still access them after acknowledging them.

To the far right is your profile. The drop down menu from your profile has lots of choices but most are self-explanatory. Add a profile picture here! This is also where any courses you are enrolled in will be under “My Courses.” So that’s an important one to know!

The “Classroom” on the left menu is where new courses can be purchased, that is not where you find the ones in which you are already enrolled. Courses you are enrolled for are under your Profile Dropdown!

If you need anything at all, please do not hesitate to reach out here on this post or to any of our team members (they all have a MENTOR tag) via direct message!

– Megan and The Holistic Goat Team