Hey there! Thanks for being interested in being a volunteer moderator for The Holistic Goat!

I know your time is valuable so I will keep this as short as possible.

As our group grows, we need more eyes on keeping it a safe and nurturing place to engage, particularly in the first half of the day when activity is highest.


As a moderator in the group, your primary role will be to monitor conversations to ensure compliance with our rules.

Familiarity with the rules is important, as is the ability to embrace the vision of the group, which is:

To provide a safe, nurturing environment where members feel free to share and ask questions without fear of attack, criticism or negative responses.

Because we don’t adhere to any specific way of raising goats, moderators need to be able to stay neutral and not be bothered by opposing views. This is the single most important trait of a successful moderator.

How it Works

As a moderator, you will have conversations in a moderator specific chat and that’s where you’ll take any questions or posts that need further discussion. Haley, our lead moderator, oversees this team and will help you out with questions.

Because you’re working with others, being able to work in harmony is essential.

Since so much of our group is focused on the culture of our group, applicants should have been members for 6+ months when applying to ensure a solid understanding of that culture.

In your role as moderator, you’ll simply browse the group the way you normally would, but keep an eye out for scam posts, negative comments, negative emoji reacts or any other situations that can leave group members feeling unsafe or attacked.

You can answer questions by citing available resources, infographics and Guides posts.

I’ll provide you with a thorough training on what types of comments should be removed, what to do if you’re not sure and where to find resources to more efficiently answer questions.

While this is a volunteer position, I can offer active moderators coupon codes for mineralbuffet.com. Volunteers are the first choice when it’s time to hire more paid team as well.

New for 2024: volunteers also get a complimentary THG subscription, allowing access to members only learning courses, a dedicated group and mentor-led learning.

If you’d like to contribute to keeping the group safe and carrying out the vision of a warm, family-like community where everyone can engage, head over to this quick form and answer a few quick questions. This helps us stay organized and does not add you to any mailing lists.

Thank you so much for considering this role! <3