Staph on Udders

Staph on udders is a pretty common occurrence, especially in late winter/early spring.  We dealt with it one year and I mixed up this concoction that went on to become my “Staph Away Salve” that I now use on virtually every skin condition presented to me in my walk with animals.

Staph looks like small pimples, usually spread over the entire surface of the udder and sometimes on the belly and rear areas as well.  It is zoonotic, which means it can be spread to humans, so when you discover a case of it, be sure to either use gloves (I don’t) or wash hands thoroughly after handling affected areas.  Remember, when we build up the host, we have less to fear in terms of communicable diseases, so if you see to your own health, your immune system can fight things off more easily.

When a case is discovered, no need to stop using the milk but be sure to pay attention to the teat area – if there are sores right at the tip, I might be more reluctant to drink the milk but only slightly so.

To treat, mix up this recipe and apply it twice daily until 2-3 days past last visible sore:

1/2C coconut oil
2-3 TBSP sulfur powder
1/2 tsp myrrh powder
8 drops clove essential oil
You can melt down the coconut oil to liquid, add the powders, remove from heat, add the clove oil and then stir well.  Some of the powder will settle and that’s fine.
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