Himalayan Salt Scrub Recipe PDF and PNG Downloadable Files


I make soap using all natural colorants, so when I finished perfecting the recipe, I wanted to expand out into other care products made with only essential oils and natural colorants.  This is one of the results of that exploration, a sultry, decadent salt scrub that uses the power of nature to create beauty.

This recipe contains the basic salt scrub recipe with 8 unique scent combinations created by me as well as instructions to make 5 different colors.

You will need:

  • pink Himalayan salt
  • calendula infused olive oil
  • powders of: alkanet root, ginger root, beetroot, paprika, annatto seed
  • essential oils, such as lavender, spearmint, eucalyptus, patchouli, grapefruit, lemon, tea tree, vetiver and others

(Need herbs to infuse?  You can find some of my favorite herbs in my online shop.

You will receive a .zip file with:

  • 6″x4″ recipe card size PDF file for high quality printing
  • 1800×1200 pixel .png file

Usage rights: commercial use prohibited, for personal use only.  You may not resell the files in whole or part in any format.





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