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Your membership at The Holistic Goat gets you access to all the goat care information you need…just a click away.  Engage in our gentle, harm free community to discuss all things related to goats.  Browse through an expanding library of articles on virtually every topic related to holistic, herbal goat husbandry.  Want to go deeper?  We’re developing courses and a mobile app right now to help you gain all the information and conversation you need to raise goats holistically.

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Content on THG is free to everyone, but we have an annual operating cost just for website software of about $2,500.  I also spend about $1,500 per month just for management of the THG Facebook group.  I do this gladly, but will also gladly accept help from those who feel called to donate.  Based on member requests, the $11/mo subscription remains an optional subscription to allow people to support this effort financially.  If you’d like to make a one-time payment instead, you can do so through this donation page.

In any case, my wish for you is that you get valuable information and insights from THG on FB and here onsite to help you walk out your goat journey in joy and confidence. <3

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