FREE Bringing Home a Goat Guide

Do you ever wish you had a mentor who could walk you through the steps to buy a new goat?
Well, now you have one!

  • Get 9 full pages of questions with space to write answers for all the common goat topics you’ll want to cover.
  • Never miss a symptom again with a 2-page complete physical assessment checklist to help you ensure the goat you’re buying is in good health.
  • Shop prepared with a 2-page goat owner’s supply checklist.
  • All delivered in high quality PDF format, complete with my 9-page guide on Bringing Home a New Goat

Be confidently prepared to choose the perfect goat for your needs with this guide, crafted from over a decade of invaluable breeding wisdom.

Who Am I and Why Am I Offering This?

I’m Megan Kutchman, owner of Little Avalon Farm, The Holistic Goat and The Mineral Buffet. I’ve been raising goats since 2008 with an emphasis on natural, holistic care and my passion is in helping others achieve healthy herds without all the stress.

Getting goats should be a time of joy and excitement, not one of worry that you’re forgetting to look at the details.

This Guide is written for you, from someone who has “been there,” to help you avoid the pitfalls and obstacles so many of us have had to encounter to learn the hard way.

Think of this as your 10-year shortcut, bringing my experience to you, with love. <3

Megan Kutchman

Here’s What Students in My Education Group Are Saying

If it weren’t for you I would definitely have dead goats!

It all started with holistic parasite management for me. This group was transformational in the way I take care of my girls. The only time I have ever used an Rx to treat them, it totally backfired and I lost my sweet doeling. Once I started reading your information- I had a much better understanding of the holistic approach for them. The bug n out formula is a GAME CHANGER. Whenever I post something I secretly hope I see you in the comments because I respect your knowledge and opinion so much. I love this group you cultivated and the people who have helped me so much have all come from this group.

Emily Carr

Making life better for goats and their people

One of the things I appreciate about Megan is that she not only has a great deal of experience and knowledge, but she continues to research and learn, challenging ‘accepted knowledge’ to follow the science…wherever that takes her. She also places a high value on the individual, stressing the importance of adapting science to fit the needs of each herd, and empowering each farmer and herder to make their own informed decisions. She is incredibly generous with her time and resources, and is truly committed to making life better for goats and their people.

Caileigh Jane Smith

When we arm ourselves with knowledge, we are empowered to walk fearlessly and create the type of world we dream about.

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