Guide to Calculating Hay Needs for Goats

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About me

Megan Kutchman has been raising goats since 2008 with a focus on natural care and sustainability.

In 2010, she established Little Avalon Farm and became a professional breeder, going on to sell hundreds of kids until retiring from selling in 2022, but continuing to breed for personal goals.

She draws on the experience she has gained over the years in her quest for truly sustainable, holistically raised goats and teaches what she has learned to thousands of students in her goat group, The Holistic Goat, and website of the same name.

“Everything that I have seen so far of your educational materials, both on this page and on your site, has been hands down the best, most informative, and easiest to understand I have ever encountered, especially concerning goats. Sure, the fact that it also aligns with my own philosophies on care and medicine doesn’t hurt, but it is also well researched without being overwhelming. I don’t know how you find the balance there, but you really have a knack.

Your graphics always reflect the same; easy to read and to find precisely the information you’re looking for, simple yet thorough.

Because of all these factors, I’ve been excited about your course ever since you started talking about it.

Oh, and very important: I don’t think I would have ever dared or bothered to try the mineral buffet without your wealth of information and dedication to dissemination of that info. So glad I found you for that alone, as what a disservice it would be to my goats to not be doing that (I’m ashamed for the time I wasted hem-hawing over it!).”

— Pamela Harmon

“One of the things I appreciate about Megan is that she not only has a great deal of experience and knowledge, but she continues to research and learn, challenging ‘accepted knowledge’ to follow the science…wherever that takes her. She also places a high value on the individual, stressing the importance of adapting science to fit the needs of each herd, and empowering each farmer and herder to make their own informed decisions. She is incredibly generous with her time and resources, and is truly committed to making life better for goats and their people.”

— Caileigh Jane Smith

“I wish every Group was like “The Holistic Goat“ group! Easy to navigate and understand holistic information within the files – and pictures – love the pictures and easy to understand visuals! If I could choose only one group it would be my top choice! Really excited about this and can’t wait to learn more!”

— Mary Mustardseed