Little Avalon Farm is hiring a warehouse team member to provide order fulfillment, packing, shipping and inventory support, and innovation for our growing, fast-paced online business: Mineral Buffet by Little Avalon Farm

The bulk of work will be dusty, very tedious and monotonous: filling bag after bag–after bag–of livestock minerals, currently a volume of about 3,000 pounds per week split between 1-2 team members.  You must be able to work well alone or with 1-2 team members doing the same thing day in and day out, but you’re free to bring earbuds and listen while you work.

This position is local EMT/volunteer friendly, allowing for flexibility to respond to emergency calls while on shift at LAF. Candidates must be able to maintain production levels to meet our customers’ shipping expectations (1-2 business days). Consider joining our team and make a difference in both the workplace and the community.


  • Located in Chewelah, WA
  • Starting pay: $18/hr
  • Hours per week: 30-40
  • Schedule: 8:30a-2:30p M-F with some flexibility after training
  • Payment weekly via direct deposit


  • 18 yrs or older
  • Reliable transportation
  • Ability to make phone calls/communicate through mobile apps
  • Ability to read/understand written instructions and packing slips
  • Ability to lift 50 lbs
  • Warehouse experience is not necessary, alignment with core values is
  • Excellent attention to detail

As a warehouse team member, your duties could include, but are not limited to:   

  • Offload and organize bulk livestock minerals (25-50lb bags).
  • Maneuver pallets of materials using a pallet jack.
  • Repackage bulk livestock minerals into smaller quantities for online orders.
  • Prepare orders by processing requests, packing slips and supply orders; pulling materials; packing boxes; placing orders in the delivery area.
  • Provide quality service by following organization standards.
  • Maintain a safe and clean work environment by keeping shelves, pallet area, and workstations neat.
  • Complete reports by entering required information.
  • Contribute to team effort by communicating with coordinator and company assistant as needed.
  • Analyze systems and improve efficiency.
  • Be proactive in innovating and suggesting improvements or projects.

Company Details

Little Avalon Farm is the umbrella to two main businesses: and The Holistic Goat, which is a Facebook group, a website, and an app!

Mineral Buffet is a physical products business selling livestock minerals within the United States.  

Who We Are

Little Avalon Farm is owned and operated by Rob & Megan Kutchman of Addy, WA.

Megan was born and raised here and Rob has lived here for more than 20 years.  In their spare time –😅– Rob is a volunteer firefighter and EMT and Megan runs a Facebook group and website dedicated to teaching others about herbal goat care. 

We have four children, a small farm and a BIG passion for helping others, both through direct outreach and in the small details that make working for or with us empowering, satisfying and fulfilling at a level that goes beyond just “getting a paycheck.”


At Little Avalon Farm, our passion is helping goat owners overcome fear through knowledge. Every day is another opportunity to make a real difference, not just in the lives of goats, but in the lives of the humans who care for them.

It’s not just about goats; it’s about empowering humans through knowledge, support and community so that they can leap forward in their own personal development.

Team members must share that love of humanity and wish for a better future.  They must be able to keep an open mind and stay true to the goal of empowering and supporting the people who come into our sphere.

We resoundingly reject divisiveness of any kind and will not engage in any political, religious or other identity judgments or biases through our work in this company.

As a warehouse team member in this organization, you are instrumental in fulfilling and maintaining the support structures that enable our vision to thrive.  You are the backbone of the systems and an absolutely vital part of the whole.

Key Traits for this Position


Because of this vision that we share, we can stay focused on the bigger picture and work in harmony as a team and with customers, even when we disagree.  This is an essential, non-negotiable trait for every team member.


Ability to collaborate effectively with fellow team members to achieve common goals, such as efficiently packaging orders, coordinating shipments, and supporting each other during peak periods.


Skill in orchestrating various tasks simultaneously, such as coordinating packaging schedules, fulfilling multiple pack lists, communicating with company assistants, and ensuring timely shipments to customers.


Capability to maintain a well-organized warehouse environment, including arranging inventory, labeling products accurately, and optimizing storage space for efficient retrieval.

Attention to Details

Thorough in performing tasks accurately, paying close attention to managing inventory levels, conducting regular stock counts, and implementing procedures to prevent discrepancies or stockouts while minimizing excess inventory. Maintaining clear records of shipments, receipts, and inventory transactions to facilitate accurate record-keeping. 


Reliability in fulfilling job duties consistently and accurately, demonstrating a commitment to meeting performance expectations and supporting the team’s objectives.  Our customers–and their goats!–rely on fast, efficient and accurate delivery of the minerals essential to their nutrition program.


Capability to work autonomously and make sound decisions without constant supervision, demonstrating self-motivation, initiative, and accountability in completing tasks.

Application & Selection Process

Applications will be open until a suitable candidate is found.  We will reply to all applications to let you know our decision when selections have been made.  

We understand that in “the industry,” repeated follow-ups to check the status of your application indicate your commitment, but we’re more interested in your ability to thoroughly read and understand this page, so I want to be clear here that emailing to ask about your application unless you truly haven’t received any contact from us will confirm to me that you are not a good candidate for this role.

Candidates who are selected for an interview will need to have the ability to participate in video interviews via Zoom. 


How to Apply

If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably genuinely interested.  If so, head over to this application and fill it out.  We’re looking forward to hearing from you!