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    Fencing discussions go here. This group is intended for all types of dogs so different answers will apply. For livestock guardian dogs, a combination of invisible fence and physical fence is the surest way to keep them safely contained.

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    June 21, 2023 at 12:17 pm

    SportDog invisible fence comes standard with 20 gauge wire, which is far too thin in my experience. We spent more time fixing breaks in the line with the standard wire than on any other farming activity for several years until I got disgusted enough to invest a lot more money for 14 gauge wire. It’s been three years since I installed the 14 gauge and we’ve had one break in that time, when an uncollared dog aggressively tried to get through the fence to the dog on the other side and was snapping at anything in reach – he bit through the fence wire. It was well worth the additional investment on our 9 acres.

    This picture is a comparison in size between the two.

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