Lice and Mite Protocol

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  • Lice and Mite Protocol

    Posted by theholisticgoat on April 4, 2023 at 8:37 am

    We used to deal with lice every year until Pat Coleby’s work sunk in. In her book, Natural Goat Care, Pat states that lice are a symptom of sulfur deficiency. I experimented and created the following protocol that worked with 100% success for us until we no longer needed it when we switched to the mineral buffet and they got all the sulfur they needed.


    When lice are discovered, dust topically no more than 2-3x, every 3-4 days, with “organic yellow sulfur powder.” Use a spice shaker and shake-shake-shake against the hair grain from tail to poll, being sure to carefully avoid the face and ears and do this in a well ventilated place.

    As a prevention in the future from fall through spring, put out the same sulfur or get purified feed grade sulfur, MSM, alongside but never mixed in their other minerals. Forced supplementation of minerals can lead to undesirable results.


    If mites are present–or for any other skin condition that results in scabs, scales or painful sores–mix 2 tablespoons yellow sulfur powder (not from the mineral buffet, it contains rice hulls and will irritate skin) with 1/2 cup coconut oil. You can melt it down and stir, allowing to harden again. Then apply liberally to affected areas 2x daily for several days or until symptoms clear

    You can see my full writeup on this protocol at

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