Reply To: Herbs for Parasites

  • Haley

    November 5, 2023 at 3:52 am

    “Throughout the remainder of the study, there
    was no significant difference in the FEC of the natural garlic extract treated sheep when compared to the Ivermectin treated sheep. The control sheep had significantly higher than the natural garlic extract and Ivermectin treated

    “Throughout the experiment we observed that there was no significant change in
    BW between sheep that were administered natural garlic extract and those that were
    administered Ivermectin. The sheep that were not treated with an anthelmintic lost
    weight compared to the other treatment groups, most likely due to the increase in
    parasite load. This is advantageous to the producer because they could implement
    using only natural garlic extract instead of the commercially available anthelmintic
    (Ivermectin) and still achieve the same rates of production (Perry and Randolph, 1999)”

    “Little scientific research has been conducted on using garlic as an anthelmintic in
    sheep, but it is thought that garlic does not prevent the production of parasite eggs but
    rather the hatching of eggs into larvae (Bastidas, 1969). Our results are in agreement
    with this hypothesis, as we observed no difference in FEC between the garlic extract
    and commercially available anthelmintic treatment groups.”

    In other words, the garlic extract worked just as well as ivermectin!