• theholisticgoat

    July 29, 2023 at 2:52 pm

    Garlic is a blood thinner. While great for boosting immunity and helping in a variety of health conditions, it should be avoided prior to dosing for a heavy worm load or before doing anything that might result in bleeding.

    Not just a vampire repellent: the adverse effects of garlic supplements in surgery

  • theholisticgoat

    July 31, 2023 at 4:17 pm

    We recently had a kid born breech who struggled a bit to clear all the fluid from her lungs even with help. A day later, she still sounded congested – a prime suspect for pneumonia complications. It is for just this scenario that I ferment a couple jars of garlic in honey – it is an immune boosting powerhouse.

    The garlic is great—so tasty!—to chew on, but for medicine dosing, it’s the honey we’re after.

    Since we’ve got a few stuffy noses right now too with weather changes, I mixed up a larger batch to dose anyone who needs it.

    Using a clean syringe, I draw out and measure in ml the honey. Because this is for young kids, I use a lighter amount of oil of oregano, so for every 4ml of honey, add one drop oil of oregano. I store it in a glass jar with a lid to keep on hand through the season.

    To dose young kids, mix well, then draw out 1/2ml and dose 2-4x per day, depending on severity of symptoms. If you’re being proactive, dose 2x per day. If you have serious symptoms, dose 4x per day. Herbs can be added as well, but this is my basic preventive when someone is inclined toward further illness.

    If you don’t have fermented garlic in honey (who does?), use olive oil instead since the oil of oregano is the actual treatment for respiratory issues. The garlic honey just gives it the extra oomph.

    To ferment garlic in honey, you simply pour honey over clean and peeled garlic and cover lightly with a lid, burping daily until it stops building up pressure. It lasts years and is great in any kind of Asian style meal as a flavoring.

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