Reply To: Colloidal Silver

  • theholisticgoat

    June 22, 2023 at 1:56 pm

    Okay, my gallon colloidal silver brewer.

    -This cord or one with the same v and mA:

    -A one-gallon glass jar with straight sides.

    -(2) 12″ sections of silver wire. I bought 4′ coils so I had spares:

    -(2) alligator clips

    -Electrical tape

    The double cord coming from the box that plugs into the printer, split it apart and attach an alligator clip to each wire. Wrap in electrical tape.

    Fold 12″ silver wire over the top of the jar with .5″-1″ length on the outside so it stays put, twice. This is where you attach your clips. The bottom of the wire, curve it up so it doesn’t touch the bottom, about 1″ or so curved space at the bottom. Once placed, bend slightly so the rods follow the curve of the jar because it is in the space between the rods that silver is brewed.

    Add distilled water and brew. You can take a shortcut by adding a quart of colloidal silver to act as a conductor so to speak for the rods. When we add a quart of silver, brew time is around 80 minutes right now but it varies based on temperature so shorter in the heat of summer and longer in the cold. My mentor said to brew until just slightly yellow, then back off 20 minutes and you know how much time you need. It’s really hard to mess this process up, but properly brewed will have a slight metallic taste most folks can taste (not all).

    Switch alligator clips every session to ensure even wear.

    I’m not an expert and can only help you as far as my own experience, but this is what worked for me and I’ve used this setup for 3 or so years now.