Reply To: Tetanus

  • theholisticgoat

    June 21, 2023 at 9:25 am


    Sharon in THG FB says:

    I have had a red line up my leg from a lemon thorn that was a heel puncture, the black tip was in there and we could not get it out, also the same thing with a rusty nail. Each time we used a flour and water poultice and the red line is gone overnight and whatever was in the wound is extracted by the super sticky dough. Had these been left I would have ended up with blood poisoning, fever, organ damage and then finally lock jaw. Here is a picture of the red line I am talking about. Western medicine will treat it with antibiotics but at what cost to the body? There are other ways.”

    Adding later:

    I have had others use the flour (plain or self raising whatever they have) on all sorts of things from purple scars where they had a knee replacement and it got infected, but now is better. Asked them if they get heat there ever and some do. I said well if there is heat there is a form of infection. The scar appears to lose all it’s blue discoloration with a few applications over night. Just wrap it in plastic wrap and tape the edges to stop leakage. Another one a plasterer friend was left with puffiness of the finger after it had been cut deep with a grinder, it got golden staph in it and he was on an iv pic line for a time in hospital over it. Residual was a puffy finger with horrid purple scarring. After flour and water treatment puffiness gone and purple/blue looking area on the scar disappeared. He treated it every night for abt 7 days. Daily he kept it undressed. Purple on the skin where one has been bitten by something and there is darkening of the melanin of the skin, it helps with that too. I also have had where I got scratched deep on my leg above my ankle by a green treated piece of timber. It took ages to heal and left a purple scar.

    Soon took care of that with the same thing and it worked. I have so many other first hand stories over the yrs. Another one a piece of wood that had been in a lady’s arm for 18mths it was a sliver over 1 inch long that came out, it would go up and down and then kind of weep on one end then get better. She got the splinter when moving hay bails across a fence into her horses. It never really bothered her but she asked me about it. She was my book keeper for a while. Told her to pick the end where the area where it weeps sometimes, she did, applied the poultice and overnight the splinter started coming out, she pulled it out the rest of the way herself. Another one, weird rash style thing on someone’s finger did not know if it was from a bite a mth ago or what it was from. They had been to doctors, dermo’s you name it and the thing was spreading slowly. The person came to me to ask well you know some weird stuff maybe you would have an idea on what to do. Could have sold them some potion but no need. It’s not about the money. My only suggestion was once again the flour and water thing and well it fixed it. Person was my cousin.”