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  • theholisticgoat

    April 16, 2023 at 11:41 am

    We live near a defunct mine. I don’t know what kind of toxins might be redistributed in our area as a result, but we had an interesting phenomenon last summer when we put the does out to pasture: the silicon consumption in the mineral buffet increased from 3.44 pounds total in May to 25.13 pounds in June before peaking at a whopping 35.06 pounds in July. It then dropped to a low of 1.81 pounds in November with the same number of goats. In trying to figure out the cause, I discovered how effectively silicon chelates heavy metals, specifically aluminum.

    Individuals with SPMS excreted high amounts of aluminium during the baseline period (135.2 nmol/mmol Crt (70.3–222.2, n = 180) and females excreted significantly more aluminium than males. Regular drinking of a silicon-rich mineral water increased the urinary excretion of aluminium significantly (349.0 nmol/mmol Crt (231.7–524.7, n = 180; three-way ANOVA, F1,13 = 59.17, p-value = 0.000003) relative to the baseline period. The majority of individuals, 14 out of 15, excreted more aluminium (μmol/24 h) following drinking of a silicon-rich mineral water (independent-test, p < 0.05). Silicon-rich mineral waters may be an effective and non-invasive therapy for the removal of aluminium from the body of individuals with SPMS.”

    Urinary Excretion of Aluminum and Silicon in Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis:

    Consumption data: