Reply To: Mineral Buffet General Discussion

  • theholisticgoat

    March 1, 2024 at 4:20 pm

    All animals can self regulate with these minerals because it’s based on taste. An easy human translation is when you’re craving salty chips, they smell and taste good to you, but when you’re sated, they’re not appealing anymore.

    I actually use the mineral buffet minerals as my own barometer for when I need to supplement a mineral myself more. When I’m filling orders, some minerals will smell absolutely delicious and sweet to me while others are off putting.

    One easy example is sulfur – it smelled really appetizing to me one day, so I started eating eggs daily and the sulfur stopped smelling good to me.

    It works exactly the same with the animals. If they’re deficient, it smells good.

    That’s what you see in this video. They’re sniffing each one and making a selection. They don’t just go for every mineral, but go down the line until they find the one they need.

    Once they’ve consumed enough, they’ll move on. Sometimes that can be quite a bit in the beginning as the stabilize and achieve balance, but over time, the amount I’m putting out in my own feeders is less and less.