Reply To: Research Development Panel

  • Haley

    February 26, 2024 at 2:30 pm

    Sarah suggested this on the FB Thread, I’m moving over here to get some of the ideas and momentum here!

    Sarah Rae Appel said, “maybe a spreadsheet template can be made for everyone to use that allows for input via volume instead of weight, but also converts it to weight for data purposes. For instance, I use a specific size scoop to give out a certain volume each time one needs refilled. The spreadsheet could have a pre-calculated weight per cup in a column for each mineral and then a column to input volume used, followed by a column that uses an automated function to convert to weight. The chicken feed spreadsheet calculator I use has a similar setup and I really like it. I’ve been meaning to sit down and make a spreadsheet like I mentioned, so maybe I can just share what I made when I’m done. I’m a spreadsheet nerd.”

    Megan can weigh a cup of each so this can be done. Do we have anyone wanting to take this up and run with it?