Reply To: Silicon AKA Sodium Bentonite

  • theholisticgoat

    February 23, 2024 at 8:26 pm

    Sodium bentonite is a natural clay material known for its ability to absorb and bind various substances. It is utilized in various applications due to its unique properties, including chelation, which is the process of binding to and removing heavy metals and other toxins from substances.

    Key insights from the research papers on the role of sodium bentonite in chelation include:

    • Sodium bentonite can mitigate the toxic effects of aflatoxins in broiler chickens by improving body weights, food intake, and productive efficiency when included in their diet at certain concentrations, without affecting the weights of organs or most biochemical variables1.
    • Modified sodium bentonite with sodium polyacrylate enhances its ability to resist cation exchange reactions, allowing it to block cations and improve its sorption capacity for heavy metals like lead (Pb(II)), making it an effective material for anti-seepage systems in landfills2.
    • The modification of bentonite with sodium polyacrylate increases its chemical resistance, swelling index, cation exchange capacity, and reduces its permeability, particularly in acidic and saline solutions, which is beneficial for environmental geotechnical engineering applications3.

    In conclusion, sodium bentonite plays a significant role in chelation by absorbing and binding toxins, such as aflatoxins and heavy metals, thereby preventing their adverse effects. Its effectiveness can be further enhanced through modification with sodium polyacrylate, which improves its chemical resistance and sorption capacity, making it a valuable material for environmental protection and improving animal health.