Reply To: Mineral Buffet Feeder Ideas and Photos

  • Haley

    February 9, 2024 at 8:52 am

    I wanted to share a simple, duplicatable, and mobile mineral feeder system for SMALL herds that I have been testing. I have a small herd of 4 does and this seems to be working well so far. I’ve had this design up a week and no issues. I like it because barn space is limited, so I simply wire this setup to the inside of the fence outside the barn. You can use straps or clips if that’s easier for you. This design is light and mobile so can easily be moved indoors when it rains, or carried inside for refills (this is easier for me than carrying mineral bags outside). The whole thing is light enough my 7 year old can carry it. If you have barn space, this can also easily be mounted to a wall permanently! I had this whole thing put together in 1 of my baby’s naptimes, so it is totally do-able. The feeders below and the fence panels below work out just perfectly so that all the feeders fit on the fence panel. I picked up an extra divided tray from the local farm store for the salt and kelp (kelp not required) because the set below at Amazon only includes 20 trays. There are 20 minerals plus salt. So you’ll need one more tray somewhere for the salt. Simply drill two holes in the backs of the trays for the baling wire to wire the trays to the panel after you mount them.

    Tools needed include a drill and wire cutters. Supplies: baling wire, the feeders and the fence panels (below).

    The feeders can be ordered from Amazon here:

    The fence panels can be ordered here:

    Unfortunately, the fence panels come in sets of 8. I had an older pen I wasn’t using much so I repurposed 2 of the panels…one for my doe pen and other for my buck pen. I doubt many of you need 8 feeder set-ups, but ideas for the remaining 6 unused panels: they could be shared with local friends wanted to set up buffets, or you can still use them to make a smaller triangle pen for puppies or small animals, or install them as a 3-sided square along an existing fence line.