Reply To: Oregano Essential Oil

  • theholisticgoat

    October 8, 2023 at 10:12 am

    This study indicates an improvement in gut flora in sheep fed a specific dosage of oregano EO daily for 60 days.

    Influence of increasing levels of oregano essential oil on intestinal morphology, intestinal flora and performance of Sewa sheep


    The purpose of this experiment was to study the effects of oregano essential oil (OEO) on the performance, intestinal morphology and intestinal flora of fattening Sewa sheep. Sixty 20-month-old Sewa sheep with similar body weights (BWs) and in good health were randomly divided into four groups. The groups were fed a diet containing 0 mg/kg OEO (group A), 150 mg/kg (group B), 300 mg/kg (group C) or 450 mg/kg (group D). Daily gain, slaughter rate and other production performance parameters were analysed in the test sheep (mean ± standard error). Intestinal morphology was analysed by tissue sectioning, and intestinal flora was analysed by 16S rRNA genome sequencing. The indexes, including average daily gain (ADG), slaughter rate, villus length of the small intestine and number of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal flora, in group C were significantly higher than those in the other groups. Supplementation with 300 mg/kg OEO concentrate in the diets can improve the growth performance of Sewa sheep by changing their intestinal morphology and modifying their intestinal flora structure. Conclusively, these encourage to further verifying in practice positive evidence in improving growth performance of OEO supplementation in the diets for Sewa sheep.