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  • theholisticgoat

    October 8, 2023 at 9:33 am

    The Antimicrobial Activity of Origanum vulgare L. Correlated with the Gastrointestinal Perturbation in Patients with Metabolic Syndrome


    (1) The metabolic syndrome (MS) promotes acute and chronic infections, due to the pro-inflammatory condition given by TNFα and IL6 or by affecting the microbiota. MS is also correlated with insulin resistance, causing inflammation and infections throughout the organism. (2) The purpose of this study was to track the effect of using the essential oil of Origanum vulgare L. (EOO) as an antibacterial treatment, compared to allopathic treatment with antibiotics in MS patients. A group of 106 people with MS was divided into four subgroups: L1—staphylococcal infection group, L2—Escherichia coli infection group, L3—streptococcal infection group with EOO treatment, and CG—control group without infection or treatment. (3) EOO is responsible for the antibacterial effect, and reduced minor uncomplicated infections. After a 10-day treatment, intestinal side effects were absent, improving the phase angle. (4) The results suggest that EOO may exhibit an antibacterial effect, similar to the antibiotic treatment, without promoting MS-specific dysbiosis, and it also improves the phase angle in patients, which is used as an index of health and cellular function.