Reply To: Busted Bag (super gross)

  • Lynn

    October 19, 2023 at 10:48 pm

    Thanks so much I was going to wait until I knew for certain but it’s taking a wee bit longer than expected so here’s my semi-update: 😊

    So far so good… she’s a trooper that’s for certain! And tbh I wish my dad had ALL goats lol when I first took over we had well over 250 sheep (we now have 29 to be exact lol) and I swear I must have lost atleast one a week back then I just couldn’t seem to keep them suckas alive no matter what I did! This goat tho has really really impressed me with her tenacity and absolute pleasant personality so thank you guys so much for all the help i followed pretty much all of it (except I didn’t have the c.silver but it’s now on my must have list) I did also end up giving her some b12 paste and garlic (idk where I read that lol) idk I’d have to look but probably a lil over 2 weeks in and she’s STILL kicking and showing NO SIGNS of illness whatsoever so… 🤷‍♀️ everything I show a man they freak out and are like yep she’s gunna die or she’s gone septic 🙄 maybe hell idk but atleast I’m trying!!! Urghhhhh makes me so dang mad! I sure hope she DOES make it so I can tell each one she DIDNT die/go septic after all and that i a loely girl was able to get her thru it all by my lonesome! 😝 anyways the “busted bag” or I guess moreso the blown teet is allllllmost off thank god! First it shriveled up to look like a sac tbh lol and then it just kept getting drier and darker and slowly disconnected itself to now its only hanging on by two Lil strands lol it no longer smells thank god oh and the one other thing I did was spray some blue stuff on it (I forget the name I’ll update with it when I do the final update tho) it’s an aerosol liquid bandaid basically and the main reason I decided to use it was bc I was afraid of poop and even more so flies getting all in the pouch it had initially formed and festering so it kinda sealed out the bacteria (hopefully) and I believe it had some sort of fly deterrent in it… I also lined her pen with multiple fly sticks and I’m not sure if I’m embarrassed or proud to say that nightly I’d get in her stall and with an old broom sweep it out completely and mist it completely walls and all with an alcohol peppermint and citronella concoction I’d made to try to keep the bugs away before putting her a nice new fluffy bed of hay in there to sleep on 😁 let’s just say I’ve spent wayyyyyyyyyy too much time in there lately lol but she’s still here and still acting and eating the same if not better so 🤞 I’ll let you guys know once I know more thanks again!!! ❤️